Interface ApplicationLoggingProps

To ship your application logs to ELK automatically, you must:

  1. Set the enabled flag to true
  2. Include the cdk-base Amigo role in your AMI
  3. Log to journald. We recommend doing this by logging to stdout and using systemd to start your app
  4. Confirm that your [[systemdUnitName]] is configured properly.

Unless you have explicitly opted-out, appropriate IAM permissions for logging to Kinesis will be configured automatically via the [[GuEc2App]] pattern.


  • ApplicationLoggingProps


enabled: boolean
systemdUnitName?: string

Defaults to app name. That is, if your app runs as <app>.service (e.g. janus.service), this will 'just work'.

If it runs with a non-standard name, you will need to override the default behavour. I.e. if your app is running as some-different-name.service, then this prop should be set to some-different-name.

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