app: string
certificate?: GuCertificate
defaultTargetGroups?: IApplicationTargetGroup[]

Default target groups to load balance to

All target groups will be load balanced to with equal weight and without stickiness. For a more complex configuration than that, use either defaultAction or addAction().

Cannot be specified together with defaultAction.


- None.
loadBalancer: IApplicationLoadBalancer

The load balancer to attach this listener to

open?: boolean

Allow anyone to connect to the load balancer on the listener port

If this is specified, the load balancer will be opened up to anyone who can reach it. For internal load balancers this is anyone in the same VPC. For public load balancers, this is anyone on the internet.

If you want to be more selective about who can access this load balancer, set this to false and use the listener's connections object to selectively grant access to the load balancer on the listener port.


port?: number

The port on which the listener listens for requests.


- Determined from protocol if known.
protocol?: ApplicationProtocol

The protocol to use


- Determined from port if known.
sslPolicy?: SslPolicy

The security policy that defines which ciphers and protocols are supported.


- The current predefined security policy.

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