interface GuApplicationTargetGroupProps {
    app: string;
    deregistrationDelay?: Duration;
    healthCheck?: HealthCheck;
    loadBalancingAlgorithmType?: TargetGroupLoadBalancingAlgorithmType;
    port?: number;
    protocol?: ApplicationProtocol;
    protocolVersion?: ApplicationProtocolVersion;
    slowStart?: Duration;
    stickinessCookieDuration?: Duration;
    stickinessCookieName?: string;
    targetGroupName?: string;
    targetType?: TargetType;
    targets?: IApplicationLoadBalancerTarget[];
    vpc?: IVpc;

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  • ApplicationTargetGroupProps
  • AppIdentity
    • GuApplicationTargetGroupProps


app: string
deregistrationDelay?: Duration

The amount of time for Elastic Load Balancing to wait before deregistering a target.

The range is 0-3600 seconds.


healthCheck?: HealthCheck

Health check configuration

loadBalancingAlgorithmType?: TargetGroupLoadBalancingAlgorithmType

The load balancing algorithm to select targets for routing requests.


port?: number

The port on which the target receives traffic.

This is not applicable for Lambda targets.


- Determined from protocol if known
protocol?: ApplicationProtocol

The protocol used for communication with the target.

This is not applicable for Lambda targets.


- Determined from port if known
protocolVersion?: ApplicationProtocolVersion

The protocol version to use


slowStart?: Duration

The time period during which the load balancer sends a newly registered target a linearly increasing share of the traffic to the target group.

The range is 30-900 seconds (15 minutes).


stickinessCookieDuration?: Duration

The stickiness cookie expiration period.

Setting this value enables load balancer stickiness.

After this period, the cookie is considered stale. The minimum value is 1 second and the maximum value is 7 days (604800 seconds).


- Stickiness is disabled
stickinessCookieName?: string

The name of an application-based stickiness cookie.

Names that start with the following prefixes are not allowed: AWSALB, AWSALBAPP, and AWSALBTG; they're reserved for use by the load balancer.

Note: stickinessCookieName parameter depends on the presence of stickinessCookieDuration parameter. If stickinessCookieDuration is not set, stickinessCookieName will be omitted.


  • If stickinessCookieDuration is set, a load-balancer generated cookie is used. Otherwise, no stickiness is defined.


targetGroupName?: string

The name of the target group.

This name must be unique per region per account, can have a maximum of 32 characters, must contain only alphanumeric characters or hyphens, and must not begin or end with a hyphen.


- Automatically generated.
targetType?: TargetType

The type of targets registered to this TargetGroup, either IP or Instance.

All targets registered into the group must be of this type. If you register targets to the TargetGroup in the CDK app, the TargetType is determined automatically.


- Determined automatically.
targets?: IApplicationLoadBalancerTarget[]

The targets to add to this target group.

Can be Instance, IPAddress, or any self-registering load balancing target. If you use either Instance or IPAddress as targets, all target must be of the same type.


- No targets.
vpc?: IVpc

The virtual private cloud (VPC).

only if TargetType is Ip or InstanceId


- undefined