Guardian talks

We encourage our developers to talk at user groups and conferences as part of our open development process. We see it as contributing what we’ve learnt back to the community but also on a practical level you never understand something fully until you have to explain it to someone for the first time.

Latest talks

"Akka for the rest of us" by Phil Wills at Scala Exchange 2013

Akka is a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed and fault tolerant event-driven applications, but it can also be very useful for those of us who more commonly build applications that run happily on a single EC2 micro. In this talk I aim to convince you that, even if you’re not building a distributed system processing millions of transactions per second, Akka is a toolkit which can help build correct, elegant solutions. I’ll demonstrate patterns from production apps at the Guardian to illustrate this.

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"A/B testing Guardian Soulmates" by Kerstin Exner at Conversion Conference 2013

  • How did we get started with A/B testing for Soulmates?

    • Not everything was clear up front
    • Reviewed some data and just started some tests
    • Learnt as we went along

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