About us

The Guardian is a unique news organisation whose journalism can be found across a range of different platforms. As we are owned by the Scott Trust we exist to serve our high standards of journalism and uphold our liberal values. We can truly hold the powerful to account as we have demonstrated with our reporting on phone hacking, police spying, slavery in Qatar and of course in our work on exposing NSA spying.

With a highly distinctive, open approach to publishing on the web, part of Guardian News & Media’s digital-first strategy, we now have a global audience of tens of millions and editorial offices on three continents.

It’s our aspiration to make the Guardian the number one quality news site in the world. Not just by a bit, but by a long way. We’re doing this by merging the innovation and energy of a start-up with our ground-breaking journalism, all backed by the Guardian respected brand.

About Guardian Developers

“the best technology team in media”

Andrew Miller, Guardian CEO

Guardian developers build the products that showcase our diverse and important journalism. We create tools that allow journalists and editors to write their stories securely, anywhere from London to Syria, and build APIs and services that allow those stories to be distributed across the globe. Everything we do is in pursuit of the values in which the Guardian was founded.

About the management team

Rex Cooper, Head of Development

When you work at The Guardian, you know that you are in a world class engineering company. When you walk around, you see the the teams using the latest technologies and techniques, things like: Scala, Continuous Delivery, AWS, responsive web design, Sass, Elasticsearch and AngularJS.

Our people are well known for their expertise. We are continually speaking at events and conferences, sharing our experiences and allowing other organisations to learn from us.

At The Guardian, we have a mission to ensure our journalism lives on in perpetuity. Our developers are at the heart of this, ensuring we make the transition to being an independent, financially secure online newspaper.

If you want to work with the best people, for an organisation with a purpose, come and join us. We are always on the lookout for talent.

Jim Murphy, Head of QA

The QA team’s primary responsibility is to test The Guardian’s digital products prior to their release to ensure that they are of a high quality, and are accessible on all supported browsers and devices used by our audience.

QAs work as part of cross-functional product teams, alongside developers, scrum masters, product managers, designers and usability engineers, to deliver new product features and enhancements within two week Sprints.

The team’s philosophy is to be as adaptive and agile as possible when testing so that we can create the best products possible in the best time frame possible. Recently the team have implemented several major changes to our testing processes across our products to ensure that we can release new product features more frequently and with a higher degree of quality. This includes the implementation of an automated testing approach, that ensures our testing is accurate, cost-effective and and most importantly fast at detecting issues prior to a Product’s release.